Monday, January 29, 2007

Hair is fun again!

Many people have asked why I colored my hair. The answer is very simple...I hated it! Not, my sisterlocks of course, I hated the faded color that had taken over half of my strands. Now when it first started to grow out, it was kind of cute with the two tones and all. But then I started noticing that I did not like any of the photos I took in which the color really stood out. It worked sometimes and sometimes it just didn't. Finally one day I took a picture of my hair out in the sunlight and it looked a hot mess. After that the search was on for a new color. I looked for many, many months and finally just gave up. Then this past Friday, I decided it was time to do something. I went to CVS, found a color I liked and just did it. I'm so glad I did. I look forward to styling or not and get this...going out in the sunlight. Now, having sisterlocks is fun again.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Now Presenting...My New Hair Color!

Well finally after almost 2 years, I re-dyed my hair. I'd been debating it for a while, but I just couldn't take the two-toned look anymore. I was going back and forth between lighter and darker tones and then decided to go with something closer to my natural color. The color I used is Rich Golden Brown by Feria (I always used their line prior to locking, I like that it doesn't deposit a single flat color). It looks much darker on these photos, but you get the point. I'm going to take a few outside shots to get that perspective later. I am much happier with my hair color now! I'll probably go a little lighter in the summmer, but for now this will work. Check me out below...

Friday, January 19, 2007

My New Camera


Well I've finally purchased a new camera. At the suggestion of the Hair Snapping Diva (thanks B!), I decided to go with the Canon Powershot SD800 IS Digital Elph (Okay the name is a bit long). I've only played around with it for a little bit now, but I think I like it. It has far more features that even I can figure out, but I'm sure as I use it a bit more I'll get the hang of it. More pics to come soon (after I retighten my hair, my face clears up and I lose a whole lot more weight...I look a hot mess in these pics;)!

See you soon,
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Since you asked about the weight loss...

Many of you asked about my weight loss. Well, I'm here to tell you it wasn't any magic diet or plan, I joined Weight Watchers. In July of 2006, I basically had gotten to the point where food had become my vice to deal with all the stress I was enduring. From losing my grandma, to missing my DH, the death of a co-worker and a student, and so-on it was a tough time. I didn't realize just how much weight I'd gained until I (get this) looked at some photos I'd taken of my hair. Now, I'm only about 5 ft. 2 and have always been on the petite side, but wearing clothes in the double digits was not even cute on my small frame.

So, at the advice of a friend I went to a Weight Watchers meeting and was instantly hooked. The thing I love about the program is that it is so simple and I still eat what I want. It just made sense to me. The first week I lost 4 lbs, 1.5 the next, 2, then 3, then .5 and finally 23 pounds. The biggest difference has been in my energy level, I just feel better overall and knowing that I'm doing something so loving for myself has just put me on such a high! I even gained a couple of pounds back over my 2 week holiday vacation and its already coming off.

If you are considering losing weight or looking for something that is simple and might be worth it to you to check it out. I'll gladly share some tips and basic pointers if anyone's interested.

Be blessed and take care of yourself TODAY!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Fall Pictures

I'm still here!

Happy New Year!

Greetings Friends and Lock Buddies. Wow, it is simply amazing how quickly time flies by. Seems like just yesterday I was fretting over my hair (actually it was just yesterday;-) or missing my DH (who has now been home for about 2.5 months). There really isn't a good explanation for my absence on my blog, I've just been really busy adjusting to all the changes I've endured this past year. It was a rough one, but through God's Grace I'm proud to say I've made it. Things are on the up and up, I've lost over twenty pounds and I feel better than ever. I just wanted to check in and let everyone know that I sincerely appreciate those of you who've ever stopped by, left comments or sent me an email. Your words of encouragement and support has made all the difference. I've posted a few pics above, you'll notice that they aren't very clear (most of them were taken on my camera phone) and I guess if there was a reason for my absence here, I'd have to say its due to the fact that my camera is on its last leg. I am replacing it later this month for a much better one. Please let me know if you have any suggestions or reviews.

In the meantime,
Be blessed today and take care of yourself!