Monday, February 27, 2006

Finally an Update...

Hey ya’ll (that's the GA Peach in me talking),

I guess you can say I’m in a little lock funk right now. To be honest, I just haven’t had anything to say and I refuse to post about how much I’m not feeling my hair (I know you all think I’m crazy, with these roller coaster hair emotions) and send negative vibes across the WWW.

Anyway, I wanted to address some questions that some of you have posted and thank you all who check on my regularly.

First of all, in relation to my hair…the color is not my natural color. It is the result of a bad hair dye job about 10 months (done by yours truly). I really like the 2 toned look now and have no intention of touching it up anytime soon.

Second, (still talking about hair) my damaged areas are really in the back (near the nape of the neck) and in the front (around the hairline). It’s the result of several things, most of all I think it is due to my relaxer days.

Finally, thank you all for continuing to check me out. Whether its daily, weekly, or monthly…I feel most honored to know that you’ve actually took out the time to step into my crazy hair obsession.

Come back soon!

P.S. Brunsli posted about music recommendations and I didn’t want to fill her comments section with my list of my top 1000 favorites. But, I must give a shout-out and recommendation that any serious music lovers (you Kem, Eric Benet, Cassandra Wilson, Rachelle Ferrell, Norah Jones and Diana Reeves fans) should really check out Lizz Wright ( I had the pleasure of attending college with her years ago and her albums are simply unbelievable.