Friday, April 14, 2006

Don't Try This at Home!

Okay, well if you read my last post I mentioned that I had worn my hair in a ponytail during my grandmother's illness and in her passing. To be honest, I just wasn't feeling the hair very much. Besides, I had far more things to work on and be concerned with (I designed her funeral program...see the last post).

Anyway, as a result of my hair being pulled back, and my need for a retightening I decided it was best to use a little bit of gel (eek!) and mousse (yuck!) to tame the growing halo around my head.

Well as it turns out, gel and mousse are not the best products for locks (duh!!). I had buildup for days, and it wasn't that little flaky gel buildup. It was sticky, icky buildup. I was terrified at the thought of what my hair would look like if I couldn't remove it. So, here's what I did...

I soaked my hair in a concoction of veggie wash, clarifying shampoo, dishwashing liquid, and (shutter) Krud Kutter! Yep, Krud Kutter. I was so desperate and determined to remove the buildup that I lost my mind! However, I am happy to hair is free of buildup and surprisingly pretty soft. I guess I must have stripped everything out, cause my scalp was a little dry, but its all good now. A few EO spritzes and all is well.

Just don't EVER try this at home.

Be blessed,


Monday, April 10, 2006

My Natural Inspiration

Greetings Friends,

Hi everyone! It feels like I haven't blogged all year. I have been dealing with some incredibly challenging situtations here lately and just haven't had a chance to focus on my hair or my blog. March 2006 is definitely one of the most memorable months of my life so far. Let me explain..
First of all, my birthday was on March 10. Unfortunately, I don't have any great birthday celebration stories to share. I did have dinner with friends and my fam even threw me a small surprise party the next day. However, this birthday is one that I'll never forget.

On my birthday, my grandmother (and natural hair inspiration--she never had a perm, color or straightened her hair!!) suffered a stroke and was hospitalized. Well, initially it was though to be a mini stroke, however after the doctors at the hospital ran several tests it was determined that she was very sick. As it turns out, we spent the next two weeks at the hospital. I took a leave of absence from teaching (not that I'm complaining) and spent everyday with my family. After that the doctors determined that they'd done all that could be done and we decided to bring her home to take care of her there (my mother, aunt and father all are medical professionals). On the eve of her return home, she died peacefully in her sleep (March 25, which also happens to be the 1 year anniversary of my DH's departure for Iraq). I guess I've been a little down and to be honest, I just haven't felt much like dealing with my hair (I spent the month of March with my hair pulled back :-(

However, I decided to do a quick wash and retighten the front and once again ...I'm in love with my sisterlocks. Its like doing my hair just brings me peace or something. Anyway, I don't mean to just ramble I'm just trying to get back in the saddle. I missed you guys!! I must get caught up with reading everyone's blogs and I promise to provide some updates real soon.

Peace and blessings,