Monday, February 27, 2006

Finally an Update...

Hey ya’ll (that's the GA Peach in me talking),

I guess you can say I’m in a little lock funk right now. To be honest, I just haven’t had anything to say and I refuse to post about how much I’m not feeling my hair (I know you all think I’m crazy, with these roller coaster hair emotions) and send negative vibes across the WWW.

Anyway, I wanted to address some questions that some of you have posted and thank you all who check on my regularly.

First of all, in relation to my hair…the color is not my natural color. It is the result of a bad hair dye job about 10 months (done by yours truly). I really like the 2 toned look now and have no intention of touching it up anytime soon.

Second, (still talking about hair) my damaged areas are really in the back (near the nape of the neck) and in the front (around the hairline). It’s the result of several things, most of all I think it is due to my relaxer days.

Finally, thank you all for continuing to check me out. Whether its daily, weekly, or monthly…I feel most honored to know that you’ve actually took out the time to step into my crazy hair obsession.

Come back soon!

P.S. Brunsli posted about music recommendations and I didn’t want to fill her comments section with my list of my top 1000 favorites. But, I must give a shout-out and recommendation that any serious music lovers (you Kem, Eric Benet, Cassandra Wilson, Rachelle Ferrell, Norah Jones and Diana Reeves fans) should really check out Lizz Wright ( I had the pleasure of attending college with her years ago and her albums are simply unbelievable.


Sister-in-Locks said...

Lovely. I like the loose flowing curl. How do you go about achieving that?

KDL said...

Thanks for your comment SiL. That look was the result of about 2 hours of a dry set with the spike rollers. I just misted them a bit and rolled. The pics were taken a day later.

Jazzilocs said...

Hey Lady,

So glad to hear from you!! Locs looking lovely and I, too, loves those flowing curls. BTW I am convinced that you might be my hair twin!! What do u think?

Tra said...

Hey there girl. I had some loc blues going on last week and I posted about it. Sometime we just have to get it out of our system.

Your eyes are really pretty and look great in your pics along with those lovely locs that you just aren't feeling right now.

Keep your head up because it is truly something to behold.


KDL said...


Its funny that you would say that, I have often thought that myself after reading your blog and looking at your photos.

I absolutely love your hair though I can't always say that about my own.

Hair twins? Definitely!

KDL said...

Hey Tra,
Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I checked out your blog and it sure does make me feel more normal knowing that I'm not the only one. I rememeber being almost exactly where you are, I got over it but I still have the loc blues every now and then.

I'm almost over it (seems to get better after retightenings, doesn't it?:-)

Goodnapps said...

Beautiful collage sweetpie. BTW - how is the hubby?

KDL said...

Thanks for your response Tanya!
My DH is still away. Maybe that's the real reason for my lock funk...I miss him terribly.

brunsli said...

Sorry to hear you're in a lock funk these days. Your hair does looks great though. I've had my share of hair dye drama, so I feel you on that. Maybe you should treat your hair to something special to run these lock blues way -- lock jewelry, a protein conditioner, a lavendar spray?

Thanks for the music reommendations!

(And your collage is so creative.)

Ree-C said...

I love the new pictures. I like the black and white. Well I hope you will soon be out of your funk. Your locs look nice, I like the slight curls.

Goodnapps said...

Aww - of course you miss him. I pray for his safe return home. But try not to take it out on your hair. Your hair buddies are here for ya.

Leighann said...

Now that spring has sprung, have your hair blahs lifted a little?

KDL said...

Hey Leighann,

Yes my loc blues have finally lifted!!!