Thursday, July 13, 2006

Here's the story (Locs, Interrupted...Part 2)

There’s something about the death of loved ones that forces you to become introspective. After the loss of my grandma, I was immediately forced to take a long look at my own life. I’ve been going through a world of change ever since. I decided to focus less on my hair (hence this posting’s title) and more on those things that really mattered in my world. I am proud to say that I have made several changes:

I am starting a new position in August! I will remain an educator, but am working with a different age group in hopes of affecting change on a different level. I am sooo excited about my new job. After many interviews and many on the spot job offers (5 to be exact), I decided to take the last offer. I really feel like it was all a test of my faith, Daddy was saving the best for last.

I have recommitted to a total health approach. Being an Adventist, one of the things that is stressed in the church is health and temperance. I’ve changed my eating habits and life style and am happy to report that I’ve lost quite a few pounds and feel better than ever.

Finally, I officially opened my graphics design and printing company, She Designs, Inc. We had our first major job this month and the client loved our work. I am excited about what the future holds for my company.

So, for those who’ve asked and those who’ve stopped by…that’s why I’ve been missing in action. I had to take a break from my hair to focus on bettering me (and have almost 5 months of new growth to prove it!) I have a retightening appointment coming up next week and if I have any hair left :-), I’ll be sure a post an update.

Until next time,
Stay encouraged!!!


Tra said...

I am glad you are feeling back on track. There is no set time for you to stop grieving for your grandmom, however you are serving her memory well by being the strong and productive person that you are...even when you can't see if for yourself your grandmom and our FATHER is watching and taking note of your perseverance.

CONGRATS on opening your own business!


brunsli said...

Ditto what Tra said.

Surely your grandmother would be proud of you. And, congratulations for taking car of *you* too!

brunsli said...

taking carE (sorry)

Goodnapps said...

oh this is a fantastic update! I'm glad you are able to channel the passing of your grandma into a pillar of strength and positive change for yourself. Best wishes to you on your new job and business endeavors.

Tra said...

Please forgive the subject verb "disagreement" in my post. I meant "are" watching (-:

KDL said...

Tra, Brunsli and Tanya,

Thanks for checking in on me and thank you so much for your encouraging words. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers!

Take Care,

Chi-chi said...

I agree with Tra. It's good to see you again, you look radiant in your pic. Congrats on your new company, I'm sure it took a lot of courage and its encouraging to me to see you strike out on your own.

Stay blessed!


Anonymous said...

I was thinking about getting sisterlocks myself but a high school student with no job... you know the rest. I was wondering how much you paid for your sisterlocks. They are nice by the way.

KDL said...


Thanks for your comment and I'm glad you stopped by!

Take Care!

KDL said...

I got my sisterlocks back in 2003 and I paid $350 for them. Maybe you can find a sisterlocks trainee, they usually charge less and their work is equally as good. Also, if you are someone you know braids well, maybe you can try braidlocks. It's basically the same as sisterlocks and pretty inexpensive. Check out Tra's blog for more info,

Good Luck!

Maryee said...

So happy to see a current smiling face of yours and an inspiring update!! May God continue to bless you!!!

Linda said...

I can relate to your expression of grief as I went through a simiilar experience with the sudden passing of my grandmother 4 years ago. It was a time for me to reflect and make changes. This was the time that I decided to go natural and I don't regret it. As an Adventist too I can understand the need to focus center and refocus at this time. Know that our Father does indeed care and is also well aquainted with the loss of a loved one. He will continue to cradle you in His arms and what you feel today in terms of emptiness will pass and you will be filled with the memories and gifts that your grandmother left you. Be blessed!!


sisterlockedlondon said...

Hi, also glad to see you back on the scene. I too suffered the tragic loss of my mother last October and it is the hardest challenge I have had to date. So many questions and still searching for the answers. Keep strong. You are looking great, congrats on new business and keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

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