Friday, January 19, 2007

My New Camera


Well I've finally purchased a new camera. At the suggestion of the Hair Snapping Diva (thanks B!), I decided to go with the Canon Powershot SD800 IS Digital Elph (Okay the name is a bit long). I've only played around with it for a little bit now, but I think I like it. It has far more features that even I can figure out, but I'm sure as I use it a bit more I'll get the hang of it. More pics to come soon (after I retighten my hair, my face clears up and I lose a whole lot more weight...I look a hot mess in these pics;)!

See you soon,
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brunsli said...

I'm glad you like it!

Post more pictures! We're all friends, so you don't have to wait until all the planets align to take photos. :) We like you just the way you are.

Anonymous said...

Great pics, wonderful clarity. You obviously made the right camera decision. B's a good one for advice. I'm anxious to see more pics. If you're anything like me...we'll see lots of them - I'm a techy geek! By the way, you and your locks look beautiful in your natural state.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, so do you always freestyle?

KDL said...

Brunsli-- Thank you, thank you, thank you (for the recommendation and the comments). I love the camera, still haven't figured it out..but I love it.

Blaq---I'll be posting more pics soon. Thanks for the compliment. Like you say, its natural to be natural...right?

Thanks for stopping by ladies!

KDL said...


Hmm...I guess it seems that way ;-). To be honest, I just love the look of free flowing locks. When I started my sisterlocks, I styled them constantly. Actually it wasn't until year 2 or so that I felt comfortable enough to actually wear them freestyle. With all the hair textures I have, I had a lot of bunching and I hated the way my hair looked as it locked so I styled it. I did braid-outs, roller sets, bantu knots, pin-ups...everything! Now that the majority of my hair is locked, I am much more comfortable freestyling so that's just what I do. Also, with the length it has become much more difficult to style, nothing holds anymore. I did a braid-out 2 weeks ago, it lasted 2 days! Before, my hair would remain curled/crimped 2 weeks or more.

Okay, I've gone above and beyond your question...but you got me thinking. Maybe I'll blog about it, Thanks for checking me out.

lashaune said...

Nice photos! you locka are looking fierce as always!

cheleskilove said...

you're having fun with that camera!!! i like your hair too! did your hubby return ok?