Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Long and Short of Things

I was re-reading a few of the comments in some of the other posts that I've done. A couple of people commented that my hair was a cute bob and liked the way it hung. And, for a minute I was thinking it was kinda cute too, then...I woke up. My hair is actually quite long in the back and though the photos don't show it well, quite uneven. I've been giving it some thought for a while now and I am seriously considering getting it cut to a more even length. The pictures to the right show my hair w/out styling (freestyle), if you look closely you can see that the sides and back are not the same length. I wonder what causes this to happen with locks? Any thoughts???


Naturalist1 said...

Wow, your hair is actually long.

Goodnapps said...

I think your hair is fab! The difference in length probably boils down to the rate of growth in various areas as well as length when you started. I don't think something different is happening because of the locks. Probably seems different because during the perm days..we constantly kept our hair trimmed and even which made it seem like our hair grew more evenly.

Tra said...

Your hair looks great and ITA with Tanya. There is likely nothing going on and I would not even think about triming my hair to make it even because I would be left with little to nothing (lol). My hair has always grown out in layers.


KDL said...

Thanks ladies. I was really contemplating cutting it a bit.


Maryee said...

I love your hair! Send me a picture for the collage!!!