Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Holiday 'Do is Done

I don't know if its the boredom setting in or what, but now that I've arrived back here at home I've gone a little overboard with Picasa. I have done at least 10 collages now since downloading the program and I just luv it! The collage below is what my hair looks like now, a few days after my Christmas look. Basically, pulling it up is what I do for a little something different. I know, that's not too creative...but, it's a different look! After viewing Leighann's ( cute coils, I've been reinspired to try curls again. I used to think they made me look like a little old lady. I mean, I am up there a little ways in age but dang I sure don't want to look like it! But, her hair was so cute I must give it a shot. My soft spike rollers should be arriving anyday now! I'll be sure and post updates then.

Warning: I'm on vacation until Jan 6, more collages are on the way:')Posted by Picasa


Naturalist1 said...

I like that. I may have to try that.

Jazzilocs said...

Bring on the collages we love 'em!!

KDL said...

Thanks Naturalist1 and Jazzilocs!

Jazzilocs, Your loc-hawk is my inspiration :-)


NaturalyFree said...

I love the length of your hair, it is a cute bob.

I want to add highlights to my hair but I can't do anything until I am able to condition and a lot of my ends are like, "stop playing, like I'm going to lock". They are just as loose as can be. I am really thinking about combing those out and starting them over. I'm afraid that it may be more than I think though.

brunsli said...

This is a really cute look. I can't wait to see the new collages.

Jena Evans said...

Love your cute locks! Simply adorable collage...

NaturalyFree... Combing???


KDL said...

Brunsli, NaturallyFree and Jen,
Thanks for all your responses!

Nat--Please don't comb them out. My consultant did that about 6 months ago and it set me way back. It will get better :-)

Happy New Year!