Friday, December 16, 2005

Much Ado About Nothing?

Thanks to those of you who responded to me both publicly and privately regarding my retightening concerns. As promised, here's the latest...
So, I know this sounds crazy but I went back after part 1 of our session. I expressed all of my concerns to her (using the latch-hook vs. SL tools, the combining of locks in the back, cutting the few that were too big, etc..). After throughly expressing my concern and knowledge of the SL technique (I did take the retightening class after all!) we came to an agreement -- no more cutting without my prior approval and no combining unless we both agree that it is necessary.

And to be quite honest I am very pleased with my hair. She actually stopped in areas where she felt as if she wanted to snip or combine, gave me the mirror and let me feel each one before taking any action. And she gave me an hour free!

Overall, I really like her. I like the idea of going to a shop as opposed to someone's home, she's very quick and seemingly thorough ( I'll let you know after tonight's wash) and generally just a nice lady. Now with a freshly retightened head...maybe I'll pull out the old tools in about a month and try it on my own again.


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Creyole's Sisterlock Exodus said...

Kai, my sistah in more ways than one, Praise the Lord! Thanks for leaving that sweet message on my blog, it's such a blessing to meet other SDA's and Sisterlockers.

I'm happy to hear that your ordeal turned out for the better. Keep practicing because the retightening gets better, I acutally love it.

I'll be checking in on you more frequently.

Blessings to you!