Tuesday, December 06, 2005

A Locking Journey: The Intro

So, after reading the many posts, blogs, websites and emails of others who have began the locking journey. I've decided that today is the day...to start my own blog. For those of you who don't know me, my name is Katika and I am a proud, loud sisterlocks wearer of over 2 years. Proir to starting this blog, I documented my locking journey through my website, http://katikalovett.tripod.com. I've kept it since the beginning of my journey and up until recently. I must admit though, I haven't kept it up nearly as well as I'd intended but it does give you an indication of the stages my hair has gone through.

At this point, my hair is about 85% locked (or partially locked) and 15% unlocked. It's been such a long, bumpy road but I'm glad to be on this journey. Thanks for stopping by and please come by often.




Welcome to the sisterlock family your hair looks really good. I am from Stone Mountain but the military has me in Mi,keep us updated. Have fun and enjoy

Joy said...

Hi Katika,
How long was your hair when it first started?
I was just curious to see how mine might look. I'm going to get Sisterlocks installed the 20th of May. Currently, I have 3-4 inch long natural hair.